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Failure Analysis/Magnetic Current Imaging

Contract failure analysis for semiconductor industries and magnetic imaging services for non-semiconductor applications.

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We offer failure analysis services on a contractual basis. We maintain two current density metrology systems at our headquarters in Fall River and can produce maps of current flow in a wide variety of ICs and packages, usually with initial results delivered within 48 hours. Our engineers will work closely with you to understand and interpret the results in order to determine the root cause of the failure. In most cases we can send initial results to you in an electronic report within 48 hours of receiving your sample.

We also offer contract magnetic imaging services for non-semiconductor applications. Our employees include several experts in the fields of magnetic imaging and magnetic materials who can interpret and analyze the results in a timely manner.

“In the scope of a few hours of scanning, using Micro Magnetics imaging technology, we were able to obtain images showing unexpected current paths in several areas of our die. The images also pointed to specific areas of the die that warranted further investigation.”

“The Micro Magnetics technology was impressive in every way, from the sensitivity and resolution of the magnetic image scans to the software that post processes the image data into current images and subsequent superposition onto optical images of our die. Every aspect of this technology and associated software was robust and feature rich.  [The CS1000] imaging technology was the enabling technology that contributed the most to our rapid identification of the underlying cause of our problem (metal-to-metal shorts).”

-- Recent Micro Magnetics customer feedback

Semiconductor integrated circuits contain vast networks of tiny conductors and components which are used to power and control all electronic devices. When these chips fail, it can be extremely difficult to find the root cause of the fault in the multi-level metal “haystack”. In many cases, the failed device has to be taken apart layer by layer in a painstaking process to understand what went wrong, and even after this is done, the results are often inconclusive.

Micro Magnetics’ Circuit Scan 1000 (CS1000) is a magnetic imaging tool which uses the tiny magnetic fields emitted by all of the currents inside any chip to understand the inner workings of the circuitry– without the need to process or even touch the device at all. Using mathematical algorithms which convert the magnetic field data into a full distribution of current density, this system allows the user to see a map of all of the current flowing on every level of the device, down to the single microamp level. Because the current is the lifeblood of an integrated circuit, this map can be invaluable to engineers and technicians attempting to understand the nature of the problem.

Non-invasive current/magnetic imaging for IC die, IC package, PCB, and magnetic media.
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