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NanoTorr-Series High Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Thin Film Deposition Systems

High vacuum magnetron sputtering deposition system. Please contact us for pricing.

Product Code: NanoTorr

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The NanoTorr Series Sputtering Deposition System is a high vacuum magnetron sputtering deposition system that allows multiple materials to be sputtered on several substrates at one passing. Equipped with eight magnetron sputtering cathodes, each sputter source can be loaded with a different material used to apply a thin coat onto the substate. The NanoTorr Series is a fast flexible and efficient way for all needed thin film coating applications.
  • Micro Magnetics proprietary controllable off-axis doubly rotating substrate holder assembly for enhancing thin film coating quality and thickness uniformity. 
  • Capable of holding up to eight 4-inch, 3-inch or 2-inch diameter substrates. 
  • 3-Channel sputtering gases:  Ar, O2, and N2. 
  • Operating sputtering pressure range: 1 to 50 mTorr in Ar gas. 
  • Sputter Sources: Up to eight (8)  Spintron Series magnetron sputter sources mounted vertically on the baseplate of the vacuum chamber with adjustable distance between the sources and the substrates.
  • Power Supplies: (1) four 500 Watt DC power supplies switchable electrically between the sputtering sources. (2) three 300 Watt RF power supplies.
  • Shutters: Each sputter source has an associated shutter.
  • Base Pressure of the Main Chamber: in the 10-8Torr range.
  • Optional RGA system.

The NanoTorr-Series High Vacuum Magnetron Thin Film Sputtering Deposition Systems can be used in a wide range of areas required thin film deposition. Some of the applications are listed below.

  • Fabrication of semiconductor devices
  • Fabrication of spintronic devices
  • Fabrication of magnetic recording media
  • Fabrication of superconducting films
  • Fabrication of quantum computing devices
  • Fabrication of superlattices
  • Deposition of granular films
  • Combinatorial thin film deposition
  • Thin film based lasers
  • Technical Specification


    Base Vacuum

    5x10^(-8) Torr

    Maximum Wafer Diameter

    4 inch

    Sputtering Cathodes 

    8 Fixed

    Cathode Power Supplies:

       4 x DC

    500W (each)

       3 x RF with auto matching network


    Maximum Temperature: Block Heater


    Power Requirements: Main System

    240Vac, 60Hz, 30A

         3 Phase

    208Vac, 60Hz, 20A, 3Φ

    Cooling Water

    Do not exceed 80PSI

    Compressed Air (Dry, Filtered)

    Do not exceed 90 PSI

    Operating Ambient Temperature

    + 5to + 35C

    Relative Humidity    (Non-condensing)


    Back-out Temperature

    120C (maximum)

    (at flanges with gauge & buffer electronics removed)



    75.5 inch


    35.5 inch


    80 inch




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