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High Vacuum Butterfly Valves

Throttling butterfly valves with manual control or step motor control.
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Product Code: BFV

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Our butterfly valves use standard CF flanges in all sizes (please call for non-standard sizes). The operation between a full close and a full open position requires only a 90-degree rotation. The flappers are designed to provide high conductance and low profile in full open position. The valves have low outgassing. The main body is made of stainless steel. The handle for the valve is made of aluminum. The rotating shaft uses double Viton O-rings to provide excellent vacuum seal. The control of the butterfly valves can be either manual or by using a stepping motor with 1.8 degree per step. The latter comes with a limit switch for detecting the full close and full open positions. The stepping motor is equipped with a controller and power supply.
  • Quality Construction: Stainless steel valve body and flappers
  • Wide Variety: Both standard and non-standard sizes are available.
  • High Conductance: The flappers are designed to provide high conductance and low profile in full open position.
  • Very low conductance in close position
  • Secure Vacuum Sealing: Viton O-rings provide excellent vacuum seal.
  • Fast Operation: Only one-quarter turn rotation is needed between full close and open.
  • Safe Operation: We include a limit switch for the stepping motor controlled valve. The limit switch will be activated at full close/open.
  • Direct Drive Stepping Motor with controller and power supply included.
  • Ease of Maintenance.
  • Customer Centered Services: We guarantee our products against defective parts and poor workmanship.

Technical Specification
Vacuum Sealing Shaft has double Viton® O-rings
Materials Facing Vacuum Stainless Steel & Viton®
Maximum Baking Temperature 150° C
Pressure Range ATM to 1 x 10-8 Torr
Operating Temperature 0° to 60° C
Control Manual (Standard)
Optional Stepping Motor (1.8 degree per step)
Limit Switch Included in stepping motor option

Model Number

Norminal Valve Diameter

Flange Type

Price (Manual)

Price (Step Motor Driven)



CF 275





CF 337





CF 450





CF 600





CF 800





CF 1000





CF 1200




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