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Three-Axis Helmholtz Coils with Controller System (SpinCoil-XYZ-CTRL)

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The SpinCoil-XYZ-CTRL is Micro Magnetics' 3-axis Helmholtz Coil System with Controller. Standard configuration includes a 3-axis Helmholtz coil, three independent power supplies, a computer with pre-installed magnetic field control software, a magnetic sensor for earth field cancellation, and a Zero Gauss Chamber. 

The hardware and software package allows an operator to generate an arbitrary magnetic field vector (Bx, By, and Bz) within the uniform space inside a 3-axis Helmholtz coil system. The magnetic field can be a stationary field pointing to any direction, or a linear/circular oscillating field. The operator can also generate any time dependence for the magnetic field. 

The controlling software is easy to use, and all functions can be accessed and executed on the Graphics User Interface (GUI). 

The system is ideally suited to calibrate magnetic sensors and to measure field-dependent properties of materials. It can be used for research and development of biomedical devices, microscopy, magnetic nanoparticles, electronic compasses, MRAMs, MEMS, magnetic shape memory alloys, near-field sensors, micro- and nano-robotics. 

The system can be custom made to meet each customer's requirements. 


  • Triaxial Helmholtz coils with 7-9-11-inch diameter
  • Maximum magnetic field: 60 G, 50 G, 40 G at DC
  • Controller to generate three magnetic field components (+/-Bx, +/-By, +/-Bz). The three field components can be either constants or sinusoidal. 
  • Control software for the operation of controller and Graphics User Interface (GUI). GUI will display direction/intensity/frequency of magnetic field. Users can specify the direction/intensity/frequency of magnetic field on the GUI. The control software with GUI can generate linear oscillating fields in any direction or rotational fields in x-y, y-z, or z-x planes. 
  • Control software can generate arbitrary time-sequenced magnetic fields.
  • Data acquisition channel for user to measure the output voltage (Vout) of UUT (Unit-under-Test).
  • Automatic generation of data file in spreadsheet format containing arrays of parameters: (1) time t, (2) Bz, (3) By, (4) Bz and (5) Vout.
  • Computer and flat panel display are included.
  • A 3-axis magnetic sensor is included for detecting local ambient earth field and automatic cancellation of local ambient earth field inside the Helmholtz coils. 
  • Electrical cables for Helmholtz coils, 3-axis magnetic sensor, controller, and computer/display are included.
  • Manual of operation is provided. 


  • Calibration of electronic compasses
  • Calibration of magnetic sensors
  • Calibration of near-field sensors such as used in non-contact keys
  • Development of magnetic nanoparticles
  • Generation of time dependent magnetic field
  • Development of biomedical devices such as magnetically based microfluidics and nanofluidics
  • Microscopy of objects responsive to external magnetic field
  • Magnetic imaging
  • Development of magnetic shape memory alloys
  • Testing of magnetic random access memory devices
  • Testing of magnetically based MEMS
  • Development of micro- and nano-robotics
  • Measurement of electron transport properties of materials in 3-axis magnetic fields
  • Experimental demonstration of 3-axis magnetic field for education


  • Coil diameter: 7" (Z), 9", 11"
  • Maximum magnetic field: 60 G (Z), 50 G, 40 G
  • Field polarity: Bi-polar in 3-axis
  • Time dependence of filed: Arbitrary, user defined 9constant, sinusoidal, tri-angular, etc.)
  • Magnetic field vector: Linear, rotational, or arbitrary
  • Cancellation of earth field: Down to 3 mG
  • Operation software: GUI for inputting controlling parameters
  • Power supply: Three independent bipolar power supplies controlled by the operating software. Each set of Helmholtz coils is driven by one power supply
  • Utility: 110 VAC or 220 VAC, 600 W