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4-inch High Vacuum Magnetron Sputter Source (SpinTron-4)

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The SpinTron-4 is a 4-inch diameter high vacuum magnetron sputtering source. It can accommodate a wide range of sputtering targets, metallic or insulating, magnetic or non-magnetic. The internal magnetic configuration utilizing a circular rare-earth NdFeB permanent magnet enables excellent film uniformity and target utilization. The SpinTron-4 is easy to install, to operate and to maintain. 



  • Sputtering Target: 

         Diameter: 4"

         Thickness: up to 1/8" for non-magnetic target, up to 1/16" for magnetic target

         Target utilization: up to 30%

         Magnet: NdFeB rare earth magnet

  • Physical/Process:

         DC (Max.): 2000 W

         RF (Max.): 1000 W       

         Operating pressure: 3-50 mTorr

         Operating temperature: 10-100C

  • Cooling Water: 

         Flow rate: 2 GPM

         Water inlet temperature: < 20 C

         Pressure, open drain: 50 PSG

  • Mounting: 

         Feedthrough: 1" O.D. tube

         Electrical connector: Standard HN type (DC and RF) 


  • Quality construction: The SpinTron® is designed and manufactured with a focus on details. We use high quality materials of stainless steel and ceramics. The design and selection of components and materials are based on the principles of physics and engineering. 
  • Enhancement from magnetic assembly: We have used electromagnetic finite element calculations in the design of the permanent magnetic assembly to achieve high field strength and uniform filed profile. We use NdFeB rare-earth permanent magnets in every SpinTron product and offer a top-of-the-line magnetron sputtering tool. The magnet is coated with multiple layers of protective material against cooling-water induced corrosion to maximize durability. 
  • Strong coupling with external power: The SpinTron is equipped with a standard electrical RF connector, which matches physically and electrically with a wide range of DC and RF sputtering power supplies. The low impedance sputtering heads are easily interfaceable with an external power supply. 
  • Easy installation and adjustment: The SpinTron can be installed very easily with a standard fitting without the use of special tools. Its position in the vacuum chamber can be adjusted conveniently. 
  • Easy target change: Change of target is as easy as "123" by first, placing the target on the anode, then putting on the target cover, and finally adding on the anode shield. No need to adjust the gun to fit targets with different height. 
  • Versatile sizes: The SpinTron consists of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6-inch diameter sputtering heads. Other diameters can be custom made with similar performance as the standard offerings. 
  • Easy maintenance: The SpinTron is easy to maintain and designed to have a long life time. 
  • Customer centered services: We guarantee our products against defective parts and poor workmanship and strive to minimize down-time for the products.  


The SpinTron® can be used to fabricate a wide range of films. Applications includes: 

  • Film coating
  • Fabrication of semiconductor devices, spintronic devices, magnetic recording media, superconducting films, quantum computing devices
  • MEMS
  • Biosensors
  • Nanotechnology
  • Superlattices
  • Fabrication of granular films
  • Shape memory alloys
  • Combinatorial thin film deposition
  • Thin film based lasers