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TMR Solid-State Magnetic Sensor, Micro Sensor, Die Form (STJ-001)

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Micro Magnetics' low-field magnetic microsensor in die form. The sensor die features a Micro Magnetics SpinTJ sensor with an active (sensing) area of just a few microns (~0.0001") in size. The die is 1.9 mm square and 300 microns thick. It has four gold wire bonding pads which allow four-point measurement of the device resistance. The active area of the sensor is located at one corner of the die to allow the sensitive region to be brought very close to another object.

The field sensitivity of the STJ-001 is 5 nT, which is ten thousand times smaller than the magnetic field of the Earth. 

Micro Magnetics only offers custom solutions -- we design and build custom sensing products which are tailored to the customer's specific application. 


  • Superior field sensitivity of 5 nanotesla
  • Active areas as small as 1x2 microns
  • Designed for four-wire measurement
  • Optional sensor polishing allows an approach distance of < 5 microns (0.0002")

STJ-001 Datasheet