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TMR Solid-State Magnetic Sensor, Micro Sensor, Shore Probe (STJ-010)

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The STJ-010 is a low-field magnetic sensor probe designed for magnetic imaging and scanning applications. The sensor probe features a Micro Magnetics SpinTJ sensor with an active (sensing) area of just a few microns (~0.0001") in size. This allows the STJ-100 to detect field signatures from single magnetic particles or microscopic magnetic media.

The field sensitivity of the STJ-010 is 5 nT, which is ten thousand times smaller than the magnetic field of the Earth. The geometry of the STJ-010 probe makes it perfect for magnetic imaging of currency, magnetic films, or media. 

The STJ-010 is available with a standard 0.1"-pitch female header. The mating connector can be supplied by Micro Magnetics or purchased from most electronics suppliers.


  • Superior field sensitivity of 5 nanotesla
  • Active areas as small as 1x2 microns
  • On-board ESD protection
  • Tapered vertical probe design allows easy access to cramped areas
  • Optional sensor polishing allows an approach distance of < 5 microns (0.0002")

STJ-010 Datasheet