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TMR Solid-State Magnetic Sensor, Low Noise, Die Form (STJ-201)

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The STJ-201 is Micro Magnetics' low-noise single-axis magnetic sensor in die form. The sensor die features Micro Magnetics' low-noise SpinTJ sensor. The die is less than 0.89 mm square and 300 microns thick. It has two gold wirebonding pads for electrical connections to the device.

The field sensitivity of the STJ-201 is 5 nT/Hz0.5 at 1 Hz and better than 1 nT/Hz0.5 at high frequencies. These values are 10,000 and 50,000 times smaller than the magnetic field of the Earth, respectively.

Micro Magnetics also offers custom solutions -- we design and build custom sensing products which are tailored to the customer's specific application.


  • Superior field sensitivity of < 1 nanotesla
  • Field sensitivity of 5 nanotesla at 1 Hz
  • Compact size (less than 0.9x0.9x0.3 mm)
  • Linear, bipolar response