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Two-Axis Helmholtz Coils 200 G with Controller System (SpinCoil-XY-HG-CTRL)

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The SpinCoil-XY-HG-CTRL is Micro Magnetics' 2-axis Helmholtz Coil Controller System, with each axis capable of generating 200 G magnetic field.   

System Features: 

  • One two-axis Helmholtz coils with inner diameters of 5.25"(X) and 2.25"(Y) included.
  • Frequency of magnetic field between DC and 100 Hz. However, magnetic field strength will go down when frequency goes up. 
  • Maximum DC magnetic field: +/-200 Gauss for both axes.
  • Control Software for the operation of controller and Graphics User Interface (GUI). Users can specify the direction/intensity/frequency of magnetic field on the GUI. GUI will display direction/intensity/frequency of magnetic field in real time. 
  • Control Software with GUI can generate two field components which can be constants or sinusoidal. The Control software can also generate constant or oscillating fields in any direction, or rotational fields within the x-y plane.
  • Two data acquisition channels for users to measure the output voltage (Vout1 and Vout2) of UUT (Unit-under-Test).
  • Automatic generation of data file containing arrays of parameters: (1) time t, (2) Bx, (3) By, (4) Vout1, (5) Vout2.
  • Input voltage: 230 VAC, 60 Hz, maximum current 10 A.
  • Computer and accessories: PC, display, cables, and installation drive included.
  • Electrical cables for Helmholtz coils, controller, and computer/display are included. 
  • Manual of Operation included.
  • Limited warranty: 12 months.