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Helmholtz Coils and Controllers

The SpinCoil series Helmholtz coils are used to generate 1-, 2-, or 3-axis uniform magnetic field over certain volume in space. Each set of Helmholtz coils consists of two coils in a special arrangement to maximize the spatial volume of uniform magnetic field. The magnetic field generated is propositional to a DC or AC current into the coil. 

Micro Magnetics also provides a plug-and-play solution, the SpinCoil-XYZ-CTRL. This model is a tri-axial Helmholtz coils system with controller. The system enables an operator to generate an arbitrary magnetic field vector (Bx, By and Bz) within the uniform space inside a 3-axis Helmholtz coil system. The magnetic field can be a stationary field pointing to any direction, or a linear/circular oscillating field. 

Both the standalone Helmholtz coils and controller systems can be customized. 

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Theory of Operations of Helmholtz Coils