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Plasma Etching System (SpinEtcher-1000)

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Micro Magnetics' plasma processing system capable of photoresist ashing using oxygen plasma. The SpinEtcher-1000 is a plasma processing system capable of photoresist ashing using oxygen plasma. The system will accommodate up to 8" substrates or a variety of smaller substrate sizes and shapes. The system is designed to provide a wide range of plasma operating conditions and is ideally suited for research, process development or low volume production. The system is designed with many standard features not found on other systems in its price range. 


  • Bench-type modular chamber (20" x 20" x 16" H). The whole system can sit on top of a standard office table, without consuming large space. Front door swing open mechanism, easy load or unload sample. 
  • Horizontal parallel plate configuration for planar processing. Electrodes are manufactured with 304 stainless steel. The use of 304 SS provides maximum lifetime of the electrode and minimizes water leaks and electrolysis of the electrode water channels. A small peripheral raised edge on the lower electrode prevents substrates from sliding off and shorting the electrode to ground. 
  • Chamber is manufactured from quality aluminum solid.
  • Process chamber incorporates a wide-angle viewport allowing the user to view the entire process area. Small windows often limit user's capability to visually determine the plasma processing conditions. 
  • The power supply can be easily decoupled from the system. 
  • The one gas channel for processing gas (O2, 0-100 sccm, pre-calibrated). 
  • The gas delivery system tot he process chamber is accomplished via an easily replaceable gas showerhead located on the upper electrode. By tailoring the hole size and placement on the showerhead, the system can deliver the maximum process uniformity for any plasma requirement. 
  • The system is supplied with a direct drive, rotary vane, 32.5CFM, corrosive series, mechanical pump. Pump package includes a full charge of inert pump fluid and all necessary vacuum hosing and fittings for complete installation. 
  • An embedded microprocess and display screen are provided for complete automation of the system. Up to 10-recipe storage is provided with multilevel process steps. The system provides display of all operating parameters and can be easily controlled by the user.


  • Asbestos sample preparation
  • Microincineration of organic material
  • Etching of organic samples for SEM & TEM work
  • Removal of photoresist and electronic component encapsulations
  • Surface treatment of plastics
  • Cleaning of SEM/TEM sample holders

Utility requirements: 

  • Power: 110 V, 60 Hz, 15 Amps / 220 V, 50 Hz, 7 Amps
  • Pump: 110 V, 60 Hz, 10 Amps
  • Water: for electrode cooling
  • Air: pressurized air for valve operation
  • N2: for chamber ventilation
  • Gas: process gas (O2)