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Signal Amplification Electronics (AL-05)

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The AL-05 is a signal amplification board designed for Micro Magnetics' TMR sensor probes. The AL-05 amplifies and filters the voltage across the sensor and output an analog voltage proportional to the magnetic field. The proprietary design of the AL-05 allows power supply noise and other common-mode noise across the sensor to be attenuated by over 100dB. 

A switch on the AL-05 is used to switch the powering of the sensor from the internal voltage supply to the external supply, which can be introduced through a coaxial connector. User can tune the DC offset voltage from -10V to +10V by turning an adjustment dial. Overvoltage protection on the board prevents the sensor from being subjected the voltages levels above its rated voltage. 


  • Ultra-low-noise pre-amplification circuitry with adjustable gain.
  • Designed for use with Micro Magnetics' TMR sensor probes.
  • Use built-in sensor biasing or input from an external power source.
  • Overvoltage protection circuitry.
  • Adjustable DC offset voltage.
  • On-board application-specific filters allow flexible signal conditioning.
  • DC to 1 MHz standard frequency bandwidth.
  • Proprietary circuit design allows 100+dB of power supply and other common-mode noise rejection.
  • Includes 110V, 60 Hz power supply, no other inputs required. 

AL-05 Datasheet